Pilates Classes in the Northallerton & Thirsk Area

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Have you been recommended to do Pilates by your GP or other Medical Professional and ended up going to your local Leisure Centre or local class crammed full of people?

Those classes are aimed at fit and healthy individuals. They are unlikely to be taught by a Specialist Pilates Instructor and are totally inappropriate for people with back or other issues.

A Specialist Pilates Instructor like myself will assess the class beforehand and modify or offer alternative exercises dependent on the individual's requirements. They will also spend most of the class observing how you are working instead of doing the exercises at the front for the whole of the class.

Gail at Pilates 4 Life

About Me

I am a fully qualified pilates instructor working around Northallerton, Bedale & Thirsk

Why Pilates?

The Pilates method of training is based on the original works of German born Joseph Pilates.

Timetable & Fees

Information about term dates and times, locations, how to book and payment details.

Comments from Clients

"When I first approached it was out of desperation (no offence)...

It sounds pathetic but after a couple of years of complete inactivity the exercises terrified me.! I was conscious of every movement and had probably the tightest hamstrings in the world.  I'd fallen into the trap of trying to cure a bad back by using it as little as possible.

Fast forward to now. I'm doing aerobic exercises and working out with weights at the gym. My back isn't perfect and probably never will be but it's so much better and I'm convinced that the core strength and flexibility that I've developed through your classes has been the turning point. Just being able to run and ride a bike with my kids is a huge difference – I'm probably fitter now than I was before my accident.

I do Pilates exercises most days and will certainly carry on. So thanks again, your work has made such a difference to me."

Mr Eynon

"Since starting one-to-one Pilates sessions with Gail I've significant improvement in my core strength and general health.

I suffer from chronic migraine and so initially went to Gail for help with muscle tension and pain in my shoulders and neck. She addressed these issues immediately with targeted stretches and bespoke exercises. I can now move my neck and the whole area seems stronger.

Gail's holistic assessment identified other areas to work on and I continue to see Gail once a week. I feel stronger and fitter.

I wholeheartedly recommend Gail. She is sensitive and empathetic, knows how far to push and would listen and tailor exercises to your specific needs."


"I enjoy Gail's classes so much, I now go to two sessions. You may start the session thinking of other things, but concentrating on muscle control and breathing soon takes over. The hour goes speedily as Gail is always introducing new variations and progressions to exercises, all of which are planned to meet the differing needs of each class. The atmosphere is relaxed but focussed, every person working at their own level and receiving individual attention. She also uses additional aids from time to time such as wobble boards, bands or different sizes of balls to add to the experience. I hope to continue as long as Gail is teaching. I can feel the improvement in my posture, mobility and muscle strength and I can also feel the lack when it's a holiday break."

Margaret W

"Gail is a dedicated and skilled teacher/practitioner of Pilates. Her teaching approach is purposeful. She works hard to help everyone achieve their individual potential by her own demonstration, instruction and encouragement – all not without good humour. I would recommend Gail's classes to anyone who wishes to improve their posture, balance and whole body muscle tone."

Joan Bousfield

"Done wonders for my posture – last time I was measure at the doctors I had grown ½ an inch.!"

Liz H, Northallerton

"I am seventy-three years of age. I had restricted hand and neck movement and lower back ache. Since joining Gail's class, these problems are resolved completely. My balance has improved and I am generally much fitter and more supple. I very much enjoy Gail's Pilates class."

Anne Wightman