The Pilates method of training is based on the original works of German born, Joseph Pilates who designed a series of exercises that used both physical and mental techniques to condition the body.

His original method of exercise was devised for actors, dancers and athletes. In the 1920s he used his studio in New York to run exercise programmes that complimented the training they were already undertaking to help build strength, improve posture and increase flexibility.

Many things have changed since Joseph Pilates first developed his movement technique. Pilates4life utilises the Modern Pilates approach which uses all the latest research and knowledge we have about safe and effective exercise.

This unique contemporary clinical approach to Pilates  was developed in consultation with physiotherapists and  looks at functional stability, postural alignment, muscle tone, core stability and modifications of the original works of Joseph Pilates.  The slow and controlled approach to exercise can help to relieve stress, tension, help with back problems, assist in injury rehabilitation and improve body awareness and posture.

Pilates4life is suitable for all ages and abilities and we would particularly recommend it if you suffer from back problems, poor abdominal tone, are recovering from injury, have osteoporosis, pelvic floor problems, suffer from stress, poor posture, ME, MS, scoliosis or shoulder and  neck issues. The classes are ideal for the first time exerciser, anyone returning to exercise after an injury or childbirth and people who live a busy stressful lifestyle.

Pilates class

What is the difference between Classical and Contemporary Pilates?

  • Classical Pilates follows as closely as possible to Joseph Pilates’ original work, his exercises and the order in which they were performed
  • Contemporary Pilates is based partly on Joseph Pilates’ work but with modifications to the exercises so that they fit with modern research
  • Pilates4life is unique as it offers contemporary Pilates with a clinical approach as the exercises have been designed in conjunction with physiotherapists and recent research. Many of the exercises remain the same but allowances are made for injury rehabilitation and creativity by the teacher.

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